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1790 First mill built by Christian Eby.
1850 Mill was razed by fire without insurance.
1850 Christian Eby's son, Christian Eby, III, built a new mill measuring 54' x 96' and 4 1/2 stories high. This was the fourth mill on Hammer creek.
1866 Mill was passed to Henry Hess.
1874 Mill was passed to preacher Christian S. Risser.
1875 Mill was sold to John Snavely.
1889 The mill was overloaded. The upper floor dropped carrying everything with it and much of the wheat went into the spillway. John Hollinger, working on the top floor, descended to the ground on the rope hoist.
1890 Mill was passed to John Snavely's son, David H. Snavely. David installed two turbine water wheels. One was a 22" 30 HP and the other a 20" 28 HP.
1906 Mill was passed to David H. Snavely's nephew, B. B. Snavely.
1921 A 68 HP Fairbanks diesel engine was installed to supply power when the water was low replacing a coal-fired steam engine.
1936 B.B. Snavely's son, L. M. Snavely takes over mill operations.
1941 L.M. Snavely purchases mill from B.B. Snavely. By this time four men are employed at the mill.
1949 Nine (9) grain bins and unloading equipment were added. Total wheat storage was at 30,000 bushels.
1954 Dam is dredged 6'-10'. The spillway and headlocks were repaired.
1963 Water wheels are rebuilt and dam is dreged 12'-16'. A vein of peat moss, 120' long and 30' wide,  was found.
1976 A Roncaglia mill from Italy was installed increasing capacity from 144 cwt. per day to 625 cwt. per day. Bulk flour was added.
1978 L.M Snavely's son, Gerald L. Snavely manages mill. Mill is incorporated at this time.
1985 Gerald L. Snavely purchases mill.  A fan explodes in the mill starting a fire that destroys all but the stone walls of the mill. 
1986 After a year of rebuilding, the mill starts producing whole wheat flour. Capacity is at 1,200 cwt.
1992 A Kice short flow mill is installed and the mill is once again producing pastry flour for local bakers. Capacity is 1,100 cwt.
1996 A second mill is acquired in Mill Hall, PA.
1999 Wheat storage at Lititz facility is increased to 270,000 bushels.  Unloading is also upgraded to 5,000 bushels per hour.
2003 A new finished bulk flour and feed building is completed at Lititz facility.
2004 A new 2,500 cwt. flour mill is completed at Lititz facility.
2007 Mill Hall facility builds new feed storage to include the ability to unload trucks inside, further eliminating dust.
2008 2,500 cwt. flour mill at Lititz facility is increased to 3,000 cwt. capacity.
2009 1,300 cwt. flour mill at Mill Hall facility is increased to 2,000 cwt. capacity.
2009 Gerald L. Snavely retires and sons Doug, Dan and Dave take over operations.
A new 3,500 cwt. flour mill is completed at Lititz facility. A grain bin with capacity of 152,700 bushels along with eight (8) new flour bins for storage are part of mill expansion project.
2010 A third mill is acquired in Mifflinville, PA with 2,000 cwt. capacity per day and wheat storage on site of 79,000 bushels.
Present Snavely's Mill, Inc. currently distributes its products to bakers and distributors from New York to Ohio. This includes both bulk and bagged products delivered fresh with our fleet of twenty (20) semi trucks and one (1) straight truck. Our current milling capacity is 15,600 cwt. of flour per day and wheat storage of 590,000 bushels.
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